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Fellowship in Neuro-ophthalmology


The SNEC Neuro-ophthalmology Fellowship programme provides training and research opportunities in the diagnosis and management of a wide range of neuro-ophthalmic disorders.    


1 year

Programme Details

Clinical Exposure

  • The fellow will be closely supervised, and will be responsible for clerking, examining and formulating a management plan for patients, and presenting these to the supervisor. The fellow will be taught diagnostic and management approach to each condition. He/she will also assist in updating the clinic neuro-ophthalmology patient database

  • The fellow will learn the technique of injecting botulinum toxin for facial spasms, and will have the opportunity of administering this treatment under supervision

  • The fellow will review all neuro-ophthalmology inpatients daily and will present such patients at the Centre’s weekly grand ward rounds. He/she will also attend to any requests for neuro-ophthalmic evaluation of inpatients from non-ophthalmic wards within the hospital

  • Subject areas:

    • Understanding the need to obtain a thorough and pertinent clinical history, and acquiring the ability to do so

    • Demonstration of clinical signs and understanding their significance

    • Systematic approach to the diagnosis of simple and complex neuro-ophthalmic condition

    • Details and rationale of therapy for various neuro-ophthalmic conditions

    • Correct ordering and interpretation of CT and MRI scans

    • Correct ordering and interpretation of relevant electrophysiologic tests as aids in diagnosis and management

Surgical Exposure

Not Applicable

Educational / Research Exposure
Fellows are required to participate in clinical rounds and daily ward reviews, journal clubs/teaching programmes, retrospective and prospective clinical research and quality assurance audit programmes of the department. All fellows will also participate in teaching of residents and/or medical students and attend all SNEC-supported meetings.

Number of Places Available

1 - 2 every year