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Estimated Training Expenses

Fellowship Attachment

Clinical Observership
(Maximum 6 months)

Temporary Registration (SMC)

  • Application Fee
  • Practicing Certificate

Click here for more information on registration application fees

SGD 300

SGD 450

SGD 300

SGD 450

Training Employment Pass (MOM)

Click here for more information on training employment pass

SGD 220 - 250

Malpractice Insurance Coverage

Click here for more information on malpractice insurance

SGD 790

SGD 380

Other expenses
Room rental (depending on location and type of apartment) SGD 800 – 1,500 per month
Budget hotels for short staySGD 120 - 250 per night
Personal health insurance

Click here for more information on NTUC income personal health insurance

Depending on underwriter's assessment
Public transport (train/bus)SGD 50 - 200 per month
Communications (cell phone)SGD 50 - 200 per month
Basic meals SGD 300 - 450 per month
GroceriesSGD 100 - 300 per month

Fees listed above are subject to changes without prior notice.
Last updated on 01/04/2018

Fellowship Evaluation

Fellows will be evaluated throughout their fellowship period to ensure appropriate development of knowledge and skills in the safe and timely management of patients.

Methods of Assessment

  • The fellow will keep procedure logs and verification of conferences, journal clubs, lectures, and other meetings throughout the duration of the fellowship

  • Evaluation by faculty will be performed every three months as a minimum. Areas of concern will be highlighted, and corrective action is expected

  • Feedback from other faculty members will be provided to the supervisor

  •  Assessment by the supervisor which will be submitted to Singapore Medical Council (SMC)

  • Both verbal and written evaluation may be utilised

  • Fellows who demonstrate appropriate knowledge, skills and behaviour, and satisfy the evaluation will be awarded a certificate of successful completion of the fellowship