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About Us

SNEC e-Production Studio

SNEC e-Production Studio provides diverse capabilities that will enhance your training content and educational events. The studio is equipped with in-house 4K video cameras, lighting and audio equipment, along with our experienced crews to deliver the video production.


Our studio includes a green screen that can comfortably fit two people onscreen at any time, and it is also suitable for full-body green screen filming for one subject. A tall table and high chairs are also provided for usage during the live stream event. With e-Production Studio's help, filming live-streaming events, zoom meetings, and corporate interviews will be seamless and engaging.

Key Features


​Pre-recorded Webinar Live Stream
With the choice of having a pre-recorded segment in the webinar, it allows for a more professional look. Using a green screen allows complete flexibility to customise the background, or embed presentation slides at any desired position while interacting with it. Post-production video editing and visual/sound effect will be required.


​Panel Discussion/Remote Speakers
Accommodating up to 2 participants in the studio makes it ideal for hosting panel discussions and interview live streaming. In addition, you can arrange for the involvement of remote speakers from across the globe into the live stream.


Customised graphics
We could improve the live stream with an in-house graphic designer by developing the entire graphics package for a more polished, professional, and consistent show. For example, from countdown graphics, title design and lower thirds — we can align the strategy with the theme or conceptualise something new.