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Vision & Mission

We are united by our common purpose to put 'Patients. At the Heart of All We Do.' This shared vision helps to keep our minds focused on delivering the best possible care for our patients. We are proud to be able to serve our patients and play a part in their fight with their illnesses.

Our Vision

International eminence in ophthalmology

Our Mission

To lead the overall development of ophthalmology by:

  • Providing the highest quality cost-effective ophthalmic care

  • Nurturing and renewing the necessary human resources

  • Pursuing high-impact competitive research

Our Core Values


  • Treat everyone with kindness, respect and dignity

  • Sensitive to patients' and their families' needs and their right to privacy


  • Adhere to the highest standard of professional conduct and ethical behavior


  • Deal with diversity with an open-mind and value the contributions of all who are working together to achieve our common goals

SNEC and SINGHEALTH Quality Priorities

Our SNEC and SingHealth Quality Priorities Our SingHealth Quality Priorities or SPREE - Safety, Professionalism, Respect, Experience and Efficiency - serve as signposts to guide all staff in putting our patients at the heart of all we do, regardless of the role we play, directly or indirectly, in delivering patient care across all SingHealth institutions.

SPREE represents our commitment to continually achieve higher levels of excellence in all areas by building a culture centred on quality in all we do.