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SNEC Faculty 2017/2018

SNEC has nurtured a pool of more than 70 specialists in ten subspecialty services with capabilities to diagnose and treat major eye conditions – making it one of the few centres worldwide with such range. 

It provides specialist eye care to more than 50 per cent of patients in the public sector and is ranked first-in-class for clinical excellence.

1st Row Seated (From left to right)

Dr Peter Tseng, Dr Sunny Shen, Adj Assoc Prof Doric Wong, Adj Assoc Prof Audrey Chia, Assoc Prof Ian Yeo, Prof Aung Tin, Prof Wong Tien Yin, Adj Assoc Prof Edmund Wong, Prof Donald Tan, Assoc Prof Jodhbir Mehta, Prof Chee Soon Phaik, Assoc Prof Tina Wong, Adj Assoc Prof Ho Ching Lin

2nd Row Standing (From left to right)
Adj Assoc Prof Lee Shu Yen, Dr Mohamad Rosman, Dr Lee Yi Fang, Dr Jean Chai, Adj Assoc Prof Audrey Looi, Dr Choo Chai Teck, Dr Ranjana Mathur, Dr Chan Tat Keong, Dr Ti Seng Ei, Assoc Prof Gemmy Cheung, Dr Anita Chan, Dr Boey Pui Yi, Adj Assoc Prof Shamira Perera, Adj Assoc Prof Sharon Tow, Adj Assoc Prof Lim Li, Dr Livia Teo, Dr Loh Kai-Lyn, Dr Tay Su Ann, Dr Allan Fong

3rd Row Standing (From left to right)
Dr Daniel Ting, Dr David Goh, Dr Morgan Yang, Dr Donny Hoang, Dr Anna Tan, Dr Samanthila Waduthantri, Dr Loo Jing Liang, Dr Chan Choi Mun, Dr Annabel Chew, Dr Yong Kailing, Dr Shweta Singhal, Dr Wee Tze Lin, Dr Marcus Ang, Dr Chan Jin Hoe, Dr Jay Siak, Dr Anshu Arundhati, Assoc Prof Louis Tong, Dr Wang Jenn Chyuan

4th Row Standing (From left to right)

Dr Benjamin Au, Dr Daniel Chua, Dr Kelvin Teo, Dr Low Jin Rong, Dr Ng Wei Yan, Dr Noor Affizan Rahman, Dr Jane Lim, Dr Christine Yau, Dr Lim Shin Bin, Dr Aditi Mohla, Dr Yap Zhu Li, Dr Fiona Lim, Dr Tan Licia, Dr Saadia Farooqui, Dr Henrietta Ho, Dr Carlo Selibio Ladores, Dr Wesley Chong, Dr Arvind Gupta, Dr Andrew Tsai, Dr Shaun Sebastian Sim, Dr Danny Cheung, Dr Mohamed Mongy, Dr Abdelsattar Farrag

Last Row Standing (From left to right)

Dr Christopher Lim, Dr Beau James Fenner, Dr Val Phua, Dr Sudarshan Seshasai, Dr Soh Yu Qiang, Dr Bryan Sim, Dr Ng Si Rui, Dr Lim Xian Hui, Dr Guo Xiner, Dr Rosalie Reyes, Dr Amy Chan, Dr Nathalie Chiam, Dr Valencia Foo, Dr Kiew Sieh Yean, Dr Tan Peng Yi, Dr Milton Chew, Dr Edward Marquez, Dr John Enconado, Dr Cheong Kai Xiong, Dr Reuben Foo, Dr Charles Ong

Not in photo:

Prof Ang Chong Lye, Adj Assoc Prof Rahat Husain, Dr Yvonne Ling, Adj Assoc Prof Quah Boon Long, Adj Assoc Prof Seah Lay Leng, Dr Sonal Farzavandi, Dr Yvonne Chung, Dr Khor Wei Boon, Dr Laurence Lim, Dr Desmond Quek, Dr Gavin Tan, Dr Tan Yar Li, Dr Melissa Wong, Dr Grace Wu, Prof Dan Milea, Assoc Prof Yasuo Yanagi, Dr Deborah Tan, Dr Gillian Teh, Dr Wong Chee Wai, Dr Woo Jyh Haur, Dr Rachel Chong, Dr Prajod Padmalayam, Dr Virinder Dhillon, Dr Farah Nur Ilyana Binti Mohd Ibrahim, Dr Yang Xu, Dr Olivia Huang, Dr Foo Li Lian, Dr Tan Tien-En, Dr Yap Guan Hui, Dr Lim Sing Hui, Dr Chan Hiok Hong, Dr Angel Jung, Dr Lim Shi Cheng, Dr Yap Chiou Yung, Dr John Wong, Dr Dan Dexter, Dr Saba Ishrat, Dr Anne Perinpanathan, Dr Janika Narendra Shah