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SNEC Corporate Publications

30 Years of  Myopia Research

Myopia research has been an important point of focus at SERI even before its establishment in 1997. This publication is a summary that highlights 30 years of myopia research at SERI.

Clinical Audit and Quality Assurance in Ophthalmology: The SNEC Experience

The clinical audit report collates surgical outcomes for all the audited subspecialties and describes statistics on the number of patients seen, diagnoses made and comparisons with international standards.

SNEC 25th Anniversary Commemorative Book

This commemorative publication is produced in celebration of the 25th anniversary of the founding of the Singapore National Eye Centre.

The book charts the beginnings of the SNEC, its conception and organisation under the leadership of Founding Medical Director, Professor Arthur Lim; the developmental years which saw the nurturing of talent, establishment of subspecialties in the SNEC; forging of SNEC's core competencies in clinical service, education and research, as well as forays into regional and international arenas.

SNEC 25 Highlights

The book traces the key milestones and strategic initiatives in SNEC's illustrious 25-year history that have made SNEC the institution it is today.

25 Research Papers with Clinical Impact

This publication is a summary that highlights 25 of our research projects, commemorating the 25th anniversary of the SNEC. These landmark research projects have come to define eye research and have helped establish SNEC/SERI as a global innovator in clinically applicable science. They range from developing pioneering surgical techniques for intractable eye conditions, to understanding the genetic basis for Asian eye diseases, and innovations in drug delivery.