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Women of Vision
Celebrating SG Women

In the Year of Celebrating SG Women, we present stories which showcase and celebrate women’s multi-faceted contributions and progress at SNEC and SERI.

Join us to honour and acknowledge our team of amazing women who have made impact in the field of Ophthalmology, inspiring those around them with their brand of ethos in life.

What excites you, about your job?
My Job is multifaceted. I get to work on projects that I am passionate about and interested in. Every day is exciting to me and not a chore, since I get up every day to do what I most enjoy. I also have the privilege to meet the most interesting people in my work.

What are some of your biggest achievements till date?
I am most proud of being awarded the President’s Technology Award on a research project that has spun out into a biotech company which has expanded its activities into US. I am now on my third start up!

What are some of the challenges that we need to work on, to facilitate more women to work in Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM)?
Career progression and academic promotion can be interrupted due to family reasons, which does not affect male counterparts. All efforts should be explored to provide adequate support and facilities for mothers returning to work.

What message would you like to give to young girls and women who are interested in pursuing a career in STEM?
There is no better time than now to display your full potential in STEM. As a 21st Century woman, follow your ambitions as nothing is impossible. Onwards and upwards, and never look back!

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