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Issue 1/2024

Dear readers, welcome to the latest edition of EyeSight! 

In this issue, we shift the focus to our youngest patients: babies who need extra care for their eye health. Newborn babies born prematurely may need careful monitoring for retinopathy of prematurity (ROP), a disease that can have grave consequences for a child’s vision. Our dedicated medical staff have been screening high-risk babies for regular check-ups in the hospital, and our paediatric ophthalmology team provides advice to parents who worry that their young children are unable to see well. For older school-going children, the Singapore National Eye Centre (SNEC) has recently published a study looking at the longterm safety of Atropine eyedrops used in myopia control treatment, which showed a good safety profile of the medication even after a 20-year follow-up. 

We are also very proud to cast the spotlight on our stellar nursing staff, including a Q&A with our very first Nurse Clinician Nazurah Loh. In this interview, she describes her path to success and gives some insights into nursing. Nurse-led thermal treatment of dry eye disease is another example of how SNEC has continually improved our clinical processes to benefit our patients and the team behind this describes their journey to its establishment. Our nurses also emphasise staff well-being, and we are happy to share our experience in this area. 

Other highlights include SNEC’s collaboration with A*Star to promote bench-to-bedside research, as well as the recent accolades that have been awarded to SNEC and its staff. We hope that our latest edition continues to inform, entertain and inspire you.

Click here to read the full issue. Enjoy reading!

Assoc Prof Audrey Chia (Editor-in-Chief)
Dr Loh Kai Lyn (Co-Editor-in-Chief)

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