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SNEC/SERI Awards (Oct 2021 - Mar 2022)

​Award Details
Year of Award
Research Awards
​6th Annual Peptides and Proteins Symposium Singapore (P2S2-2021)
​Young Investigator Award
​Dr Sai Bo Bo Tun​Preclinical Evaluation of Anti-angiogenic Peptide for Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD)
​The Ophthalmologist

​ ​ ​
​The Ophthalmologist Power List 2022 ​ ​ ​
  • Prof Jodhbir Mehta
  • ​Prof Wong Tien Yin
  • Prof Gemmy Cheung 
  • ​Assoc Prof Daniel Ting
​ ​ ​ ​
​2022 ​ ​ ​
​20 SERI researchers among the top 2% in the world in the field of Ophthalmology and Optometry
  • ​​Prof Saw Seang Mei
  • Prof Cheng Ching-Yu 
  • Prof Wong Tien Yin 
  • Prof Aung Tin 
  • Prof Gemmy Cheung 
  • Prof Jodhbir Mehta 
  • Assoc Prof Daniel Ting 
  • Assoc Prof Charumathi Sabanayagam 
  • Prof Dan Milea 
  • Assoc Prof Audrey Chia 
  • Prof Chee Soon Phaik 
  • Prof Ecosse Lamoureux
  • Assoc Prof Danny Cheung
  • Assoc Prof Gavin Tan 
  • Prof Louis Tong 
  • Assoc Prof Marcus Ang 
  • Prof Jonathan Crowston 
  • Dr Tham Yih Chung
  • Assoc Prof Michael Girard
  • Wong Wan Ling
​The Singapore Eye Research Institute continues to be a trailblazer in the field of eye research in the Asia-Pacific region and a recent Elsevier-Stanford study has shown that Singapore Eye Research institute’s scientists are among the top 2% of researchers in Ophthalmology & Optometry field, especially in the field of Artificial Intelligence, Myopia and Glaucoma
Education Awards
​National University of Singapore
​Clinical Training Excellence Award

​Department of Ophthalmology, SNEC​Our centre is awarded the Clinical Training Excellence Award from NUS for the outstanding teaching and mentoring of students for 2 consecutive academic years; in AY19/20 and AY20/21​2021
​NUS MedACE 2021 

​ ​
​Dean’s Award for Teaching Excellence


​Dr Chan Tat Keong​2021
​Junior Doctor Teaching Award ​
  • ​Dr Teo Zhen Ling 
  • ​Dr Tan Ting Fang
​ ​​ ​
​Residency in SingHealth Excels (RiSE) Awards 2021

Best/Most Improved Programme Award

​Residency (Ophthalmology)
​Most Improved ACGME-I Programme: Ophthalmology (<40 Residents)



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