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Ocular Imaging Research Group


Imaging plays an indispensable role in clinical care in ophthalmology, ranging from diagnostics to risk stratification and treatment monitoring. Imaging biomarkers were identified in many eye diseases such as glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy (DR), and age-related macular degeneration (AMD).

Headed by Professor Leopold Schmetterer, the Ocular Imaging Research Group aims to develop a strong network of shared platforms that will improve patient care, allow for multicentre trials, and will foster collaborations in several research themes spanning from posterior pole applications towards corneal OCT angiography.


  • Clinical studies on the use of optical coherence tomography angiography (OCT-A) in patients with glaucoma, DR and AMD

  • Evaluation of novel imaging biomarkers in high myopia

  • Use of ultrahigh-resolution OCT techniques for the characterisation of the corneal and ocular surface disease

  • Use of novel anterior segment OCT techniques to image glaucoma

  • Studying the structure-function relationship in ocular disease

  • Establishment of imaging parameters as surrogate outcomes for clinical studies

  • Quantification of blood flow in the micro-vasculature using Doppler OCT and OCT-A

  • Validation of OCT-A technology in experimental animal models

  • Development of novel ultrahigh-resolution OCT technology

  • Multi-beam OCT approaches for retinal imaging

  • Multimodal retinal imaging

  • Assessment of tear film dynamics using OCT

  • OCT elastography to study biomechanical properties of tissue

  • Modelling of retinal and choroidal blood flow

  • Metabolic retinal imaging

  • Laser speckle technology to study ocular perfusion

  • Studying Ca2+ transport and neurovascular coupling in an animal model of glaucoma


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Prof Leopold Schmetterer

Clinician Scientists

  • Assoc Prof Marcus Ang Han Nian

  • Assoc Prof Donny Hoang Quan Van Manh

  • Dr Rachel Chong Shujuan

  • Dr Jacqueline Chua Yu Min


  • Dr Damon Wong Wing Kee

  • Dr Ashish Saxena

  • Dr Carly Ouyang Qingling

  • Dr Liu Xinyu

  • Dr Muttikulangara Swaminathan Sanathanan

  • Dr Tan Bingyao

  • Dr Yao Xinwen

  • Dr Susan Jiang Liqin

  • Dr Kazuyo Ito

Research Associates/Officers

  • Ms Ashe Lee XinYee

  • Mr Ashish Jith Sreejith Kumar

  • Mr Dheo Arokhim Yusufi Cahyo

  • Ms Ke Mengyuan

  • Ms Rachel Li Chi

  • Ms Sim Yin Ci

  • Ms Yvonne Ng Bei Zhen

  • Ms Belinda Tan Yi Ling

  • Mr Daryl Renick Lee Liebin

  • Ms Lee Ying Shi

  • Mr Yap Chun Lin

Clinical Research Coordinators

  • Ms Hu Qinglan

  • Ms Janna Tay Lin Hui

  • Ms Shermaine Pow Bao Jie

Ophthalmic Research Technicians

  • Ms Chye Hui Yi

  • Ms Bhavani Kulantayan

  • Mr Myo Thu Khine

PhD Student

Ms Valentina Bellemo

Senior Executive (Administrative Matters)

Ms Jocelyn Cheong Mei Yoke