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Population Health Research Group


The Population Health Research Group is the translational eye research unit at SERI. Led by Professor Ecosse Lamoureux, the unit is focused on the epidemiology and risk factors of major eye diseases in Singapore, patient-centered outcomes research, low vision outcomes and rehabilitation. The unit also focuses on translational clinical research on eye diseases, particularly diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma and AMD.

About the Population Health Research Group

Established in April 2013, the Population Health Research Group is strategically placed to interface with health research, clinical practice and health policy. Therefore, it is able to improve the utilisation of research knowledge and evidence to efficiently and effectively inform on:

  • Eye health care practices

  • Implementation of complex interventions to improve adherence to ocular disease management, ocular health, self-efficacy and quality of life

  • Guidelines and ocular program development

  • Policy development related to improving eye care in Singapore

  • Optimal assessment of patient-reported outcomes

Population Health Research Group Vision

To improve the quality of life of Singaporeans living with eye diseases and vision loss.

Population Health Research Group Mission

Through our integrated program of research, we aim to:

  • Detect and prevent eye diseases and vision impairment

  • Implement interventions and new models to improve access to care, disease management and patient outcomes

  • Develop and validate novel instruments to accurately measure patient-reported outcomes

  • Be the HSR research arm of SNEC

  • Inform policies to improve eye care in Singapore


Major Projects

  • Ocular Epidemiology in The Elderly and Underprivileged

    • An Innovative and Patient-Centric Research Program Targeting the Ageing Singaporeans: The PopulatION HEath and Eye Disease PRofile in Elderly Singaporeans (PIONEER) Study

    • The Epidemiology of Sensory Impairment in Residential Care (ESIRC) Study

  • Prevention, Detection and Early Intervention

    • Diabetic Retinopathy Eye Screening Eye Study (DRESS)

    • Understanding Non-Adherence to Diabetes Complications Screening (UNADS)

    • Predictive Model for Non-Adherence to Tertiary Ophthalmology Referrals in Persons with Diabetic Retinopathy (PM-OR)

    • The Mobile Eye Clinic – Community Screening for the Frail Elderly

    • Novel Intervention Models

      • New Models of Care for Nursing Homes and Underprivileged Population (Res CARE, Buddy CARE)

      • Problem Solving Treatment for Diabetic Retinopathy (RESONATE)

    • Instrument Development

      • Development and validation of glaucoma quality of life Item Banks and Computer Adaptive Testing systems in Singapore (GLIBQoLS)

      • Improving Diabetes and Health Outcomes: Development and validation of the Singapore Diabetic Retinopathy Health Literacy (SDRHL) scale for Patients with Diabetes and Diabetic Retinopathy

      • Validation of Computer Adaptive Testing systems to measure  quality of life item banks for diabetic retinopathy (RetBank)

      • Development and validation of quality of life item banks and Computer Adaptive Testing for AMD (MacCAT)

      • Development and validation of Glaucoma Utility Index-S (GUI-S) in Singapore

      • Development and validation of the first diabetic retinopathy-specific utility instrument (DRU) using a mixed method approach and discrete choice experiment (DCE) methodology

      • Development and implementation of the Brief Impact of Vision Impairment (B-IVI) Computer Adaptive Testing System

    Body Composition

    • Investigate the contribution of body composition parameters to the risk of severity of DR and DME

    • Sarcopenia, frailty, and bone health   

    • Link between impairment in sarcopenia (i.e., muscle mass, muscle strength, and physical performance) and deterioration in bone mass and texture leading to an increased risk of poor functioning, mobility, falls, fractures, hospitalisation, morbidity, QoL and mortality.   

    • Establish Singapore reference norms for sarcopenia and frailty subtypes in our three ethnic groups

    • Identify mechanisms and biomarkers of sarcopenia and frailty


    • Health Services System Research SRP, Duke-NUS School of Medicine

    • Centre of Quantitative Medicine, Duke-NUS School of Medicine

    • Lions Home for the Elders

    • SingHealth and National Healthcare Group Polyclinics

    • The Singapore Advanced Imaging Laboratory for Ocular Research (SAILOR)

    • Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, National University of Singapore

    • Singapore National Eye Centre (SNEC)

    • Department of Family Medicine and Continuing Care, Singapore General Hospital

    • Centre for Eye Research Australia, University of Melbourne, Australia

    • Aging Centre, Duke University, USA

    • University of Sydney, Australia

    • Queensland University of Technology, Australia

    • Gloucestershire Eye Unit, UK

    • Singapore Institute of Clinical Sciences

    • National Dental Health Centre, Singapore

    • Sensory Nutritional Science

    • Clinical Nutrition Research Centre (CNRC), Singapore

    • Department of Otolaryngology, Head & Neck Surgery Singapore

    • Saw Swee Hock School of Public Health, National University Singapore

    • Centre for Ageing Research and Education, Duke-NUS (CARE)

    • Centre for Healthy Aging, National University Hospital Singapore

    • Department of Nuclear Medicine & PET, Singapore General Hospital

    • The University of Cambridge, Psychometrics Centre

    • Wilmer Eye Institute, Johns Hopkins

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    Prof Ecosse Lamoureux

    Team Members

    • Dr Eva Fenwick

    • Dr Terry Ho

    • Dr Ryan Man

    • Dr Preeti Gupta

    • Dr Chen Xue Juan

    • Amudha Aravindhan

    • Ester Lee

    • Alfred Gan

    • Angelina Lee

    • Abdul Farook

    • Teo Hui Ting

    • Neo Wee Teck

    • Olga Lee

    • Roger Lim

    • Leow Zhun Hong

    • Belicia Lim

    • Jonathan Lim

    • Justin Ng

    • Aricia Ho

    • Tan Wei Lin

    • Theophila Ang

    • Ang Poh Hoon

    • Boh Hui Hui

    • Kodi Goh

    • Joshua Lim

    • Zeena Akhbar