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Glaucoma Research Group


Ageing in Glaucoma

Figure 1

Prof Jonathan Crowston

My team is trying to find out how advancing age predisposes to glaucoma. Our goal is to find new treatments that reverse the ageing process and make the optic nerve less vulnerable to injury.

We translate our finding by working on cell, rodent and human studies. Finding treatments that strengthen the optic nerve will not only help reduce vision loss in glaucoma but also potentially reduce the need for aggressive eye pressure lowering and surgery.

Ocular Therapeutics Research Group

Prof Tina Wong

Our research focuses on understanding the fundamentals of wound healing and identifying key target molecules and pathways that can be further developed into improved anti-inflammatory and anti-fibrotic therapies for the eye.

We developed a suite of animal models, state-of-the-art live imaging and molecular tools that can be used to comprehensively interrogate ocular wound healing responses.

Our group is also extensively involved in the development of sustained release systems for the delivery of ocular therapeutics. A sustained delivery system can help to improve patient quality of life by reducing the challenges of non-adherence and offer a more efficacious way of delivering medical treatment.

Deep Phenotyping and Genetic Landscaping of Primary Open Angle Glaucoma

Figure 2

Prof Cheng Ching-Yu

We aim to establish a large-scale DNA biobank for primary open angle glaucoma (POAG), linking rich glaucoma functional and structural phenotypic data, to comprehensively characterise the genetic profiles of this disease.

We will achieve this using state-of-the-art ocular imaging and systematic characterisation of low-frequency coding variants underlying POAG through whole-exome sequencing. The discovery of protein-changing mutations will revolutionise the field of glaucoma genetics and may lead to the development of genetic tests for high-risk individuals who will benefit from timely interventions to slow the rate of disease progression of disease or open new avenues for drug targets. This will facilitate precision medicine, tailoring treatment or prevention strategies according to individuals’ unique characteristics.

Ocular Imaging Research Group

Prof Leopold Schmetterer

Figure 3. Demonstration of using normative capillary perfusion maps in quantifying capillary defects in glaucoma eyes. A,E) Visual fields. B,F) grayscale 12x12 mm2 OCT angiography images C,G) capillary perfusion maps, D,H) visualisation of the loci and severities of the capillary defects in glaucoma eyes.

We are developing novel imaging devices aimed to improve diagnosis and follow up of glaucoma patients. These devices are based on optical coherence tomography (OCT) and aim to obtain meaningful parameters that are related to the disease processes.

Examples include OCT angiography to visualise the retinal and choroidal capillary network, polarisation-sensitive OCT to measure birefringence of tissue, hyperspectral OCT to detect abnormal scattering and absorption of injured ganglion cells and OCT-based opto-physiology to study intrinsic signals from retinal neurons in response to light stimulation.

In addition, we are interested in structure /function relationship in glaucoma for improved follow up as well as novel analysis technique for OCT images using both multi-regression models and AI-based approaches.

Neurovascular Dysfunction in Glaucoma

Dr Rachel Chong

Figure 4

Many glaucoma patients continue to suffer sight-loss despite the clinician’s best efforts to lower their intraocular pressure. Recent research points to a close relationship between nerve cells and vascular cells that provide oxygen and nutrients to support important neuronal connections. We aim to understand how the eye regulates blood flow internally despite changes in eye pressure and factors that influence systemic blood pressure. Our lab focuses on real time, dynamic changes that occur in preclinical models of glaucoma through the use of specialised imaging devices. I also have an interest in the relationship between high myopia and glaucoma, and run a dedicated service for this high risk group of patients. We are exploring novel methods of improving the management of this type of glaucoma that frequently poses a diagnostic challenge, through novel approaches to monitoring changes in neuronal and vascular markers in the eye.

Translational Ophthalmic Pathology Research Platform

Dr Anita Chan

Figure 5. Experimental Glaucoma models.

Figure 6. Electron microscopy of the inner plexiform layer of the retina.

Our platform focuses on experimental glaucoma models (Figure 5) and harnesses our pathology expertise to study the ultrastructural changes using electron microscopy (Figure 6) and histological structural changes (Figure 5) that occur because of an increased eye pressure on the optic nerve and retina. We then correlate this with our clinical in vivo imaging so we can translate this to clinical care.

We then study the role of various drugs and interventions to see if we can delay and even prevent these changes and thus the progression of glaucoma. Our experimental glaucoma models include open angle glaucoma as well as a primary angle closure model which allows us to comprehensively study and evaluate novel therapies for the more common types of glaucoma in Singapore and in the world.


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Head, Ocular Imaging Research Group

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