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Cornea & Refractive Research Group


The Cornea and Refractive Research Group focuses on research relating to several aspects of corneal/refractive surgery. This includes understanding corneal wound healing following laser refractive surgery (i.e. using exicimer and femtosecond lasers, assessing the wound healing response following many refractive procedures, e.g. LASIK/SMILE/Presbyopia surgery).

The corneal research is mainly focused on developing techniques of selective cellular therapy such as corneal endothelial cell therapy and stromal cell therapy. The team works on developing and optimising culture protocols, and translating these therapies to preclinical animal models and clinical trials.


  1. Corneal endothelial cell therapy – investigating transportation of cells for clinical delivery, assessing the efficacy of cells for different delivery systems, QC of GMP modified cells, assessing the efficacy of different carrier systems for cell delivery, development of humanised s-PRDx6 for optimisation of cell delivery, development of culture systems for endothelial stem cells

  2. Stromal Cell therapy – optimisation of protocols for expansion of corneal keratocytes, assessing models of delivery of these cells, efficacy of the cells for stromal therapy

  3. Laser wound healing – wound healing responses following femtosecond laser corneal surgery for refractive and corneal transplantation, assessing wound healing following lenticule re-implantation, assessing lenticule integration

  4. Corneal gene therapy – assessing the effects of Cas 9 therapy patients with FECD, optimisation of vector delivery systems

  5. TGFBI dystrophies – understanding the pathological basis of TGFBI dystrophies, development of new drug based therapies for treatment

  6. Improvement outcomes in KPro design – surface coating to improve adhesion following KPro surgery, reducing infective rates following KPro Surgery

  7. Corneal transplantation – assessing clinical outcomes following corneal transplantation using cohort data from the SCTS


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Prof Jodhbir Mehta

Team Members

  • Dr Gary Yam

  • Dr Gary Peh

  • Dr Matthew Lovatt

  • Dr Andri Riau

  • Dr Vidhya Venkataram

  • Ang Heng Peng

  • Seah Xin Yi

  • Khadijah Binte Adnan

  • Melina Setiawan

  • Gwendoline Goh

  • Ericia Teo