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Grants FY17-18


  • “Deep Phenotyping and Genetic Landscaping of Primary Open Angle Glaucoma”.
    A/Prof Cheng Ching Yu; S$1,750,000.00

  • “Novel Multimodal Imaging in Moderate Diabetic Retinopathy to Predict Vision-Threatening Stages of Retinopathy”.
    Dr Gavin Tan; S$375,000.00

  • “Optimization of Core Platform Technologies for Ocular Research (INCEPTOR)”.
    Prof Aung Tin; S$16,000.000.00

  • “Singapore Imaging Eye Network SIENA”.
    Prof Leopold Schmetterer; S$3,823,708.00

  • “Liposomes as a Drug Delivery Mechanism for the Treatment of Proliferative Vitreoretinopathy”.
    Dr Wong Chee Wai; S$209,850.00

  • “Visually-disabling pathologic myopia in the SEED and SCORM high myopia cohorts: Longitudinal changes, novel biomarkers and impact on health-related quality of life”.
    Prof Saw Seang Mei; S$1,190,025.78

  • “DYNAMO: Diabetes Study on Nephropathy and other microvascular complications. Theme 3: Retinal microvasculature as a “window” to study mechanisms and pathways in DN”.
    Prof Wong Tien Yin; S$4,999,850.00

  • “The applications of Terahertz scanning system on corneas”.
    Dr Liu Yu Chi; S$378,000.00

  • “Quantification of blood flow based on OCT-angiography”.
    Prof Leopold Schmetterer; S$850,000.00

  • “Role of polarized macrophages and long noncoding RNAs in the pathogenesis of polypoidal choroidal vasculopathy”.
    A/Prof Yasuo Yanagi; S$674,966.00

  • “Translational Program in Ocular Surface and Dry Eye”.
    A/Prof Louis Tong; S$1,749,909.00

  • “Harnessing LOXL1 as a therapeutic candidate for exfoliation syndrome and exfoliation glaucoma”
    Prof Aung Tin; S$1,445,238.15

  • “Safety and Efficacy of Tissue Engineered Endothelial Keratoplasty (TE-EK)”
    A/Prof Jodhbir Mehta; S$1,249,975.00

A*Star/ Duke-NUS/ MOH/ Others

  • “Effect of aging of the innate immune system on intracellular system network”.
    A/Prof Yasuo Yanagi; S$250,000.00

  • “SERI Santen Strategic Collaboration and Joint Ophthalmic Research Laboratory”.
    Prof Aung Tin; S$13,650,000.00

  • “The Molecular Therapeutics Programme”.
    A/Prof Jodhbir Mehta; S$3,448,229.00

  • “Investigating the effect of blood pressure and intraocular pressure modulation on the neurovascular unit of the eye”.
    Dr Rachel Chong; S$171,307.00

  • “Innovations in High Resolution Corneal Imaging for the Clinic”.
    Prof Leopold Schmetterer; S$100,000.00

  • “Developing a Novel Retinopexy Device to Improve Visual Outcome of Retinal Detachment Surgery”.
    Dr Cheung Ning; S$50,000.00

  • “A simultaneous extractor-injector device”.
    Dr Marcus Ang; S$30,000.00

  • “A Handheld Pupillometer for a Fast and Cost-effective Ocular Disease Screening”.
    Prof Dan Milea; S$208,290.00

  • “A Longitudinal Study on the Structural-functional Correlations of Perifoveal Capillary Network Integrity in Diabetes Using Optical Coherence Tomography Angiography”.
    Dr Andrew Tsai; S$25,000.00

  • “A polymer product and preparation thereof”.
    A/Prof Lakshminarayanan Rajamani; S$40,000.00

  • “Identification of a dental pulp stem cell (DPSC) sub population as a novel source for retinal stem cell transplantation”.
    Dr Shweta Singhal; S$20,000.00


  • “Replacement of OAHFA in human tear using an over-the-counter eyedrop medical device to prevent dry eye”.
    Dr Hou Aihua; S$100,000.00

  • “Developing a Predictive Model for Non-Adherence to Recommended Ophthalmic Referrals in Persons with Diabetes (PM-OR)”.
    Dr Ryan Man; S$149,829.00
    “Storage and transport of constructs for corneal endothelial transplantation”.
    Dr Matthew Lovatt; S$149,892.00

  • “Targeting Lipid A for Antibiotic Synergy”.
    Dr Koh Jun Jie; S$50,000.00


  • “A Comparison of Bimatoprost SR to Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty in Patients with Open-Angle Glaucoma or Ocular Hypertension”.
    A/Prof Shamira Perera; S$139,066.33

  • “A Phase 2/3, Randomized, Double-Masked, Sham-Controlled Trial of QPI-1007 Delivered By Single or Multi-Dose Intravitreal Injection(s) to Subjects With Acute Nonarteritic Anterior Ischemic Optic Neuropathy (NAION)”
    A/Prof Sharon Tow; S$113,473.39

  • “A Phase II, Randomized, Double-Masked, Placebo-Controlled, Parallel-Group Study Assessing the Efficacy and Safety of DE-127 Ophthalmic Solution 0.0025%, 0.005% and 0.01% Compared with Placebo in Subjects with mild or moderate Myopia”.
    A/Prof Audrey Chia; S$700,566.29

  • “Efficacy study of CMP molecules in rat model”.
    Dr Amutha Barathi Veluchamy; S$58,807.31

  • “Drug safety evaluation of IBI302 and IBI304 from Biologics, through intra-vitreal injection, in NZW rabbit eyes (12 New Zealand White)”.
    Dr Yong Li; S$31,909.54

  • “Drug efficacy evaluation of IBI302 and IBI304 from Biologics, through intra-vitreal injection, in 12 PRNV rabbits”.
    Dr Yong Li; S$70,189.86