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Technology Development & Commercialisation Office

Technology Transfer - Available Technologies

SERI researchers continuously produce world-class results that have received widespread international recognition. In addition to generating an impressive publication track record and a growing reputation, the outcomes of this research include multiple commercially promising technologies which we are looking to bring to market, either via licensing to industry or via spin-offs. The SERI TD&C office proactively pursues the translation of SERI’s research into tangible products, encompassing:

Click on the above links for overviews of our more mature technology portfolio, for which we are open to discuss either co-development and licensing or direct licensing routes with interested industrial parties.

We serve as a one-stop support entity for all technology transfer and business development activities, working closely with academics, clinicians and industrial partners to bring potentially impactful ideas to market. We are involved in commercialisation of technologies emanating from the entire breadth of our scope of research; often beginning the process with ideas that are still in the infancy of development, reviewing inventions to explore potential applications, evaluating technical and commercially-related risks, establishing development and commercialisation strategies (including locating development and strategic partners), and providing support on IP protection together with the SingHealth Office of Intellectual Property.

Our entrepreneurial approach and diverse expertise enable us to drive the development of our promising technologies to create social and economic impact, always seeking to bring value to patients.