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Technology Development & Commercialisation Office


The SERI Technology Development & Commercialisation (TD&C) office has been set up to proactively pursue the commercialisation of SERI’s research outcomes and engagement of industrial partners for R&D collaborations. Our goal is to maximise the number of SERI technologies that reach the market and benefit patients globally – whether developed internally at the institute or co-developed with industrial partners.

SERI researchers continuously produce world-class results that have received widespread international recognition. In addition to generating an impressive publication track record and a growing reputation, the outcomes of this research include commercially promising technologies (comprising multiple technology types: therapeutics, diagnostics, medical devices for clinical and patient use and software) which we are looking to bring to market either via licensing to industry or via dedicated spin-offs.

The TD&C team oversees the operation of the SERI-SNEC ophthalmic technologies incubator. This framework is intended to facilitate the close, focused, flexible and rapid nurturing and development of a series of technologies which will later form a string of medical technology companies. Building on the continuously growing SERI IP portfolio, these start-up-oriented technology development projects give SERI a unique portfolio which has market attractiveness in a wide range of fields. Since 2014 four privately-funded start-ups have emerged from R&D activities conducted at SERI, and we are working on a number of additional exciting technologies which we believe will have a substantial impact on their respective markets in the coming years.

The team is continuously involved in external communications with key stakeholders in regard to industrial R&D collaborations and commercialisation, aiming to attract further industrial partners to form collaborations with SERI and to license SERI-developed technology. The team forms a channel through which enquiries regarding such potential external collaborations and licensing flow in and reach SERI research staff, as well as being central to facilitating, formalising and overseeing collaborative research activities as they take place.

Contact Us

The SERI TD&C office seeks to engage any party, industrial or academic, which has an interest in collaborating with SERI on commercially-oriented ophthalmology research projects. We can provide information regarding SERI’s research interests and capabilities, potentially commercialisable research currently underway and licensable IP, our common models of collaboration and potential industrial collaboration-oriented grant funding mechanisms, as well as arrange for more in-depth contacts with SERI researchers and clinicians from SNEC.

If you have an interest in working with SERI to develop promising ophthalmic technology and bring it to the market, we welcome your enquiry and look forward to hearing from you.