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Data Management Research Platform


The Data Management Unit (DMU) serves to support all research and clinical studies across SERI and SNEC that require complete data management, starting from Case Report Form designing to preparing cleaned de-identified datasets following the GCDMP, HBRA and PDPA guidelines.

DMU is fully trained for:

  • Best DM practices, Data Management policies and procedures

  • Programming and computerised system validations to ensure high quality and well organized databases with thorough documentation

At present, DMU is working on numerous SERI and SNEC projects from database design to data entry, quality checks and maintenance. DMU consists of an assistant director, senior executive, executive and DM associates working on large population based epidemiological cross-sectional studies, cohort studies, clinical trials, genome-wide association studies, laboratory data and other projects with various organizations, such as NUHS, NUS and overseas partners. Besides clinical research projects, DMU is involved in developing a robust electronic data capture system (EDC) required for various departments in SERI and SNEC, using object-oriented programming languages.     



Sangeetha Nagarajan

Team m

  • Sophia Man She Yunn

  • Farjana Begum

  • Habibah Banu

  • Fatimahtul Zuhra

  • Nurul Huda