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Technology Development & Commercialisation Office

For Researchers/Inventors

For the Inventor

We encourage our staff to leverage our experience to ensure your invention receives the highest level of support in order to bring it to market successfully rapidly and efficiently.

Please check out the SERI Researcher’s Guide which provides an overview of all matters related to technology development and commercialisation, and industrial research collaborations at SERI. We encourage questions and further discussion with staff on these various subjects.

The First Step: Invention Disclosure

The first step towards development and commercialisation of your technology begins by submitting an Invention Disclosure form, filling it out and sending it to us.

Click here to download an Invention Disclosure Form.

Should My Invention Be Patented? Evaluation Criteria

When you submit an invention disclosure, your invention will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  1. Commercial attractiveness
  2. Answering a clinical or scientific need
  3. Patentability
We will work together with the SingHealth Office of Intellectual Property to reach a rapid and transparent decision, which we will share with you.


Once an invention is developed to maturity, it can be commercialised via either licensing to an existing company or spinning off a new company based on one or more inventions. We will work closely with you to reach the best decision to maximise the chances of success of your invention.