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Technology Development & Commercialisation Office

For Industry

Our Past and Current Industry Collaborations

SERI has a close routine working relationship with many industry leaders such as Roche, Santen, Bayer, Alcon, Johnson & Johnson, Hoya and more. We aim to establish collaborative frameworks with large industrial partners as well as engaging SMEs and start-ups for more focused collaborations.

Over the past two years, the SERI TD&C team has been jointly responsible for the running of the Santen-SERI OpeN Innovation Center (SONIC), a strategic, five-year collaboration designed to develop new technologies in ophthalmology by bringing together the two parties’ capabilities in ophthalmic R&D, with a special focus on diseases prevalent in Asia. The collaborative research programme will be funded by S$37 million, bringing together support from Santen and the Singapore government over the next five years.

SNEC, SERI and Johnson & Johnson Vision have announced a new US$26.35 million (S$36.35 million) research collaboration in December 2018 to tackle myopia, or near-sighted vision, the largest threat to eye health this century. The first-of-its-kind public-private strategic partnership in Asia focused on myopia will create a deeper understanding of how the condition develops, how it progresses and how it may be intercepted. It will focus on developing predictive tools to identify those who may be at risk to develop high myopia, conduct research on the underlying mechanisms of myopia, progress novel therapies, and discover and validate methods to prevent the onset and progression of the condition.

Through its six years of operation, the TD&C office has become highly experienced in all stages of industrial collaborations, from early engagement and relationship building through R&D project operation all the way to IP licensing. Similarly, our administrative, finance, as well as clinical and scientific colleagues have become well versed in managing such frameworks.

What We Are Looking For

The SERI TD&C office seeks to engage any industrial party which has an interest in collaborating with SERI on commercially-oriented ophthalmology research projects. We can provide information regarding SERI’s research interests, platforms and capabilities, potentially commercialisable research currently underway and licensable IP, our common models of collaboration and potential industrial collaboration-oriented grant funding mechanisms, as well as arrange for more in-depth contacts with SERI researchers and clinicians from SNEC.

If you have an interest in working with SERI to bring innovative and impactful ophthalmic technology to the market, we welcome your enquiry and look forward to hearing from you.