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Research & Academic Affairs


An integrated part of SERI, this platform works in partnership with the SERI faculty to provide a multi-spectrum and comprehensive administrative support to facilitate world-class research and knowledge transfer.

In this context, this platform serves as “enablers” – to enable SERI to efficiently fulfill its purpose in accordance with its pre-determined strategies in key areas of research. In line with this role, it provides comprehensive support (encompassing research administration, operations & academic affairs) to meet the research needs of SERI so as to ensure its continued success and sustainability. This support is multi-prong; not only does this platform provide core administrative, operations and systems support, it further facilitates in the nurturing process of research talents and the cultivation of a robust research culture through concerted communications initiatives and stakeholder engagement. In essence, this core remains integral in supporting the entire length and breadth of SERI’s research and its potentially impactful outcomes.

An overview of this platform’s scope of responsibilities include the following:

  • Remit encompasses the entire Administrative, Operations, Research and Academic Affairs portfolios.

  • Responsible for the tabulation and monitoring of SERI’s research outcomes and key performance indicators on a regular basis, so as to ensure that the stipulated parameters are met, in line with SERI research aspirations.

  • Assists with the implementation and monitoring of the Institute’s SOPs, strategies, as well as short and long-term plans, so as to ensure the efficient and smooth operations of the Institute.

  • Management of institute Finances with support from finance and HR, as well as the monitoring and tabulation of SERI’s CAPEX, manpower and the annual operating budget.

  • Works closely with the philanthropy department for fundraising activities.

  • Supports the diverse aspects of research administrative functions for SERI, including ethics/regulatory and legal governance; SOPs and compliance, research finance and clinical trial budgeting, intellectual property and commercialisation, quality assurance, organisation of research-specific events, conferences and meetings.

  • Acts as the point of contact and key liaison between different collaborators across Singapore and internationally, as well as funding bodies such as NMRC, BMRC, NRF, A*STAR and other external agencies.

  • Performs grant administration and management duties, and reports grant outcomes to funding bodies. This includes monitoring and tracking the budget of each project and acting as pre-emptive prompter for under-utilised budgets, or over-spending of budgets, and so on.

  • Responsible for all corporate, communication and branding efforts, including the conceptualisation of branding collaterals for professional meetings, seminars and conferences.

  • Acts as academic office for all academic matters (inclusive of PhD students and Joint PhD programs)