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Clinical Trials (For Public)

At SERI, we strongly believe that research is critical to discover new and innovative ways to deliver the best and most cost‐effective clinical care. We believe that our research makes a positive difference to the vision and lives of our patients and the community at large.

Vision loss robs people of their independence, mobility and quality of life. We are seeking for healthy volunteers  who can help us in our research endeavours by participating in our clinical trials, so that we are able to make a positive difference to patients’ vision and to their lives. SERI conducts clinical studies in a safe and confidential environment, and volunteers may be compensated for their time. Your support will indirectly facilitate research that will lead to better ways to tackle vision impairment and eye diseases in Singapore and beyond.

Join as a Trial Volunteer

Studies With On-Going Recruitment

ATOM 3 Clinical Trial

Looking for children at risk of myopia or near/short-sightedness

Do you have a family history of myopia in your family?

Do you have a child who is not yet myopic or has just turned myopic?

Children with a family history of myopia are 2-3x more likely to become myopic, and children who develop myopia early tend to develop higher myopia. We are currently doing a study to see if use of eye drops could prevent the onset or control the progression of early low myopia, and thereby prevent the development of high myopia.

We are looking for participants:

  • Your child is between 5 to 9 years old
  • Either not yet wearing glasses OR has been wearing glasses only recently

At least one parent with myopia:

  • Aged 5-9, with
  • No glasses OR low myopia (eye degree less than –1.50D), with
  • Family history of myopia (one parent with myopia more than –3.00D)
  • Not currently receiving or had previously treatment (eg. eyedrops) for the treatment of myopia

If you are interested for your child to take part and wish to find out more, please click below.

Alternately, please contact 6322 4500/6322 4501 (Mon- Fri, 9am to 5 pm). You may also leave your name and contact details via our phone answering service; or through our email address at

I am interested in ATOM3 Clinical Trial