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Message from Executive Director

Professor Aung Tin
Executive Director, SERI 

Since its inception in 1997, the Singapore Eye Research Institute (SERI) has taken great strides in positioning itself as the foremost eye research institute in Asia, with a world-leading reputation in broad-based translational research programmes for eye diseases, particularly diseases endemic to Asia.

We are steadfast in our mission to conduct research with direct clinical relevance and translational value, with the main aim of discovering fundamental knowledge and intellectual property in the field of ophthalmic and vision research that will lead to novel therapeutics and interventional strategies that augment healthcare delivery.

SERI further prides itself in its ability to explore novel strategic frontiers via leveraging and optimising its inherent core strengths. Emulating such a robust and nimble model has allowed our research programmes to remain constantly re-vitalised and of relevance and rigor.

The SERI leadership’s constant advocacy of multi-disciplinary and inter-institutional collaborations has paved the way for greater synergies and diversity in our research, and certainly facilitated our exploration of complex and systemic biomedical themes. In this regard, SERI has cultivated a symbiotic network of collaborators, both locally and internationally, enabling a robust integration of capabilities and a high level of research competency and skills transfer.

Indisputably, “people” are the integral buttress behind SERI’s success, and the institution will continue to identify and develop its next generation of scientists and clinician scientists to ensure SERI’s longevity and the sustainability of our research.

Our work and our team of dedicated clinician scientists and scientists have on numerous occasions earned national and international recognition. Many have contributed to SERI’s aspiration of excellence and many more will carry it forward, as SERI continues its mission to advance ophthalmology in Singapore, Asia and indeed the world!