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Loh Huey Peng

When she was asked to volunteer in the nation’s effort to contain COVID-19, Loh Huey Peng agreed without hesitation. The Director of Nursing at SNEC accepted the Nursing Lead role at Singapore EXPO when it was converted into a Community Care Facility for patients with mild symptoms.

Huey Peng worked 12-hour shifts in the initial weeks of her deployment. “I had to be on-site to understand the workflow in order to assess clinical needs, then set up SOPs to ensure the safety of staff and residents,” she explains. Knowing her risk of contracting and spreading the virus to her family, Huey Peng has taken steps to minimise that from happening. “I have set up SOPs for my home to protect my family and keep myself well through adequate rest and hydration.”

To stay effective on the frontline, Huey Peng has developed strategies to cope. Because she is working outside her comfort zone, she crowd-sources the domain knowledge of teammates in order to come up with solutions. She also advocates decisive actions instead of overanalysing things. “We are challenged by new issues and new circumstances on a daily basis,” she warns. “Until we take action and resolve these issues, they will only be hypotheticals.” She is also prepared to course-correct along the way. “As a leader, I will admit my mistakes and look for better ways to overcome challenges,” she says.

Huey Peng is grateful for this opportunity to help the country, as it has reinforced what she has long held dear. “People are our greatest asset,” she shares. “Learn to value and connect with them. The effects can be tremendous if leaders give them a voice to speak up.”