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Alicia Tan

When news about COVID-19 grew to be more serious, like any one of us, Alicia Tan became worried about how contagious the virus was. However, when she was called to assist with volunteer efforts, the staff nurse at SNEC Operating Theatre quickly placed her fears aside and stepped up to the call of duty.

In February, Alicia was deployed to SGH’s Emergency Department to help with infection control audits. Despite changes in working hours and location, Alicia recognised the importance of her duties so that patients and staff are kept safe.

Having no direct patient contact, she inspected for tidiness and environmental hygiene at the start of every shift, making sure that the equipment and consumables were available and adhered to infection control standards. She added, “I was required to do 5 audits per shift and ensured that all staff are compliant with infection control practices.”

Alicia shared that while it is true that the environment is fast-paced, the staff do not lack empathy as many commonly believe. But instead, its staff are approachable and take time to interact with their patients in spite of their busy schedules.

She also drew positivity from the amiable team culture. She said, “Healthcare workers at SGH’s Emergency Department treat one another like a family. Our goal is to combat COVID -19 and we are all in this together as a team.”

We are so proud of you, Alicia! Thank you for your contributions towards the fight against COVID-19!