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How can I join the study?
Please complete the screening survey.

How long will I be involved in the study?
You will be involved in the study for 1.5 years. This includes the time from the first visit till completion of the follow-up visits. Participation includes 4 clinical visits to the Singapore Eye Research Institute (each visit takes about 1.5 hours) and 9-12 face-to-face or phone-based sessions (each session takes about 30-45 minutes).

What are the possible benefits of joining the study?
If you are assigned to the PST-D group, you will be taught problem solving skills to improve your blood sugar levels. All participants can receive study related blood and eye tests (at 4 different time points) as well as monetary compensations.

Can I choose which study group to join?
No. All participants will be randomly assigned to either the intervention (PST-D) or control group based on codes generated by a statistical software, similar to tossing a coin or rolling a dice. We do not have control of the outcomes. You will not be allowed to choose or change groups during the study.

Can I withdraw from the study if I don’t want to join/continue?
Yes, you can withdraw and discontinue your participation from the study at any time without your routine medical care being affected. If you decide to withdraw from this study, you should inform the study team at: