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Preparing For Your Consultation

Cancelling or changing your appointment
If you cannot keep your appointment or need to change it to a more convenient time, please inform us as soon as possible. You can do so by calling our Call Centre at (65) 6227 7266. Please provide the following information when making your request.

  • Your full name

  • Singapore NRIC, Birth certificate (if you are under 15), Passport or Employment Pass/Work Permit/Dependent Pass number

  • Date and time of your original appointment

Driving to SNEC for your appointment
Please do not drive to SNEC for your appointment – the tests you will need to have might mean that you will be unable to drive yourself home. Please arrange for someone to pick you up after your appointment.

What do I bring for my appointment?
Please bring along your:

  • Outpatient Appointment Card (for existing patients)

  • Singapore NRIC, Birth certificate (if you are under 15) or Passport and Employment Pass/Work Permit/Dependent Pass

  • Civil Service Card/Public Service Card (for civil servants and their dependants only)

  • Any other medical benefits eligibility cards/documents

  • Referral letter from your polyclinic/private doctor (if it is your first visit to the clinic)

  • Sunglasses – some patients find this useful after they have had eye drops

If this is your first visit, please bring along the items listed above and the following:

  • Referral letter from your polyclinic/other healthcare institutions/private doctor

  • Medication, if any