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Capacity Building

In a population particularly vulnerable to eye conditions such as Singapore, innovative eye care solutions are urgently needed.

Not only do we want to increase the capacity of our facilities to cope with growing demand, we also aspire to develop high-quality infrastructure so that all our patients can benefit from a holistic eye care experience.

To achieve these goals, we need your support in four key priorities – the elderly, our youngest patients, research and innovation to augment eye care delivery, as well as competency building through education and professional development.

VisionSave plays an important role at our new Myopia Centre, with a focus on raising public awareness, investing in education of eye care professionals, improving accessibility to myopia correction, and supporting programmes which raise standards of care for myopia in Singapore. 

Check out our video to find out how donations towards VisionSave funded our Myopia Centre’s education and public awareness campaigns. 


Donate to VisionSave now to help make future health infrastructure projects like Myopia Centre a reality.

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