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Enhancing Eye Care Through Nurse Upskilling

What made you choose a career as a nurse?

Dealing with various aspects of patient care provides a sense of satisfaction. Based on their interests, nurses can also choose to work in specialties ranging from gerontology to ophthalmology.

What made you take the upskilling course (IVT Nurse Injector) and how has it made you feel?

I am thankful to VisionSave for their support, which enabled me to take up this upskilling course that has enabled me to learn and do more for patients with eye diseases. I still feel amazed at overcoming worry about injecting a patient’s eye.

What happens during your typical working day as an IVT nurse?

A typical workday involves doing our best to assure patients that the injection is being administered properly. We also educate patients on dos and don’ts prior to receiving the IVT injection.

Tell me about the new skills that you have learned – how different is this from ‘regular’ nursing?

As an IVT nurse injector, I have developed the skill of controlling the timing of anesthetic eye drops. I have also learnt to calm and comfort patients prior to treatment through small talk with them.

How has the training helped you personally?

The first thing I was taught during my IVT training was to inject a pig’s eye. Professor Ian Yeo guided us extensively through the training, educating us on the proper steps. This, in turn, has given me more confidence when it comes to injecting a human eye.

What do you find is the hardest part about being a nurse?

Encountering patients or even patients’ next of kin who are unreasonable.

What do you find most rewarding about your job?

It is rewarding to see patients expressing joy after receiving treatment. It also warms our heart to witness a simple ‘thank you’ gesture from the patient.