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General Instructions for Patients after an Eye Operation

The instructions hereunder are prepared to provide general information and advice regarding your eye condition and are designed to provide you with a guide on how to look after your eye.

These guidelines on eye care cannot of course be exhaustive and taking these precautions may not always prevent complications. However, they serve as a useful guide for caring for your eye after an operation and may help to reduce risks which could contribute to complications.


If you should experience

  • Significant pain, not relieved by medication
  • Severe swelling / redness of the eye and excessive discharges
  • Sudden drop in vision

Please call us at Tel: (65) 6322-8851 during office hours. After office hours, on Sundays and on Public Holidays, you are advised to seek treatment at the Accident and Emergency Department, Singapore General Hospital or call Tel: (65) 6532-4865 and contact the SNEC Doctor-on-call.

Follow-up Appointment

Remember to keep your appointment with the doctor as follow-up care is crucial in preventing eye complications.

Care for Your Eye

  • Keep the eye covered till the next day
  • Do not apply any eye drops / ointment on the operated eye on the operation day
  • You may be admitted to the inpatient ward for a few days if your condition requires admission on your doctor's assessment
  • The ward nurse will remove your pad / shield the next day. She will clean your eye and instill eye drops / ointment for you. Meanwhile, she will show you and your family members how to instill the eye drops and advise you on eye care
  • There may be slight redness and swelling and your vision may be blurred, but this effect will gradually disappear

Special Instructions

  • Avoid rubbing the eye or closing it too tightly or applying any pressure on it for six (6) weeks
  • Mild pain may be relieved by analgesics prescribed to you by your surgeon
  • You may experience discomfort in your eye due to the sutures and this feeling may persist until the sutures are removed
  • Avoid swimming after surgery and during recovery. Seek advise from your surgeon / nurses when you want to do so
  • Avoid getting soap and water under the eye lid when you wash your face
  • You may experience blood-stained discharges for the first few days─just wipe it off with a clean tissue
  • You must use the cartella shield to cover your eye at night for three to four (3 - 4) weeks to protect accidental rubbing of the eye
  • You may wash your hair the salon way by tilting your head slightly backwards
  • Avoid vigorous coughing and sneezing
  • No specific sleeping position. You can lie in any comfortable position; however, avoid pressure on the operated eye

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