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The Paediatric Ophthalmology Department conducts specialty courses to update both local as well as regional ophthalmologists on the evaluation, medical and surgical management of various common or important paediatric eye conditions and strabismus. We also provide public education as well as updates for the general practitioners and optometrists.

List of Book Chapters Published

  1. Retinoblastoma and Paediatric Horizontal Squints by Quah BL – Asian Ophthalmology.

    2.   Tearing and Eye Discharge in Newborn, Eye Emergencies in Children and Paediatric
          Conjunctivitis by Quah BL – Handbook for Family Physicians.

    3.   Assessment of Vision in Childhood by Y Ling in ‘Clinical Ophthalmology – An Asian
          Perspective’ Pg 643 – 650 Elsevier Publishing 2005.

    4.   General Principles of Strabismus by Y Ling and A Chia in ‘Clinical Ophthalmology – An Asian
          Perspective’ Pg 651 – 660 Elsevier Publishing 2005.

    5.   Retinopathy of Prematurity by Y Ling and A Chia in ‘Clinical Ophthalmology – An Asian
          Perspective’ Pg 677 – 686 Elsevier Publishing 2005.

    6.   Strabismus in Graves’ Orbitopathy by Farzavandi S. in ‘Clinical Ophthalmology – An Asian 
          Perspective’ Pg. 671-676. Elsevier Publishing 2005. 

    7.   Editor for Color Atlas of Strabismus Surgery Strategies and Techniques by Dr. Kenneth
          Wright. Third edition, Publisher Springer Verlag Publishers, New York, USA. Accompanying
          DVD with surgery including ‘Topcial Anesthesia for Strabismus Surgery’ by Sonal

    8.   Congenital Cataract by A Chia in ‘Clinical Ophthalmology – An Asian Perspective’ Pg. 699
          -704. Elsevier Publishing 2005.

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