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Information Sheet for parents:

The Saturday Optometrist Refraction Service was set up to provide glasses prescriptions for children aged 8-12 years, who do not require medical consultation. It is provided by our team of SNEC optometrists.

Should you wish to arrange your child for this service, please call the SNEC appointment line at 65 62277266 or email and make an appointment.
Please note that appointments will be time-determined, so if you are unable to make the appointment on time, you should rebook the appointment.

On the day of the appointment, please bring along:

  1. Your child’s birth certificate, or passport, and
  2. Your child’s current glasses.

Time required to measure your child’s prescription may vary from 10-30 minutes excluding waiting time. You will receive the refraction report to take to your optician or optometrist to make new glasses.

Occasionally, determining prescription in some children can be difficult because of frequent changes in your child’s focal power or accommodation. If so, the optometrist may suggest that your child receive cycloplegic eye drops. The eye drops temporarily impair the muscles used to focus for near, resulting in a relaxation of accommodation. The eye drops include cyclopentolate and tropicamide administered once or twice.

Upon completion of the eye drops, your child will have to wait about 30minutes for the peak drug effect to take place, after which the optometrist will perform refraction for your child. Administering the drops may extend your visit by 1-2 hours.

The cycloplegic eye drops will cause a transient stinging sensation, blurring of near vision, and pupil dilation (photosensitivity). Blurry vision especially at near distance can last for 1-3 days. Your child may be able to see better for near without glasses during this time. If your child is photosensitive, he/she can wear sunglasses or hat and avoid going out into the bright sunlight (ie. outdoor activities). Other side effects of cycloplegic eye drops are rare, but include: an allergic reaction, raised eye pressure, flushing, and changes in behavior (eg. confusion, disorientation and hyperactivity). You will be given a number to contact should your child encounter problems after the eye drops.

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