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Most of us who are fortunate enough to be well-sighted may never have given a thought about this: But when we wake up every morning, the first thing we do is to open 2 of our greatest gifts – our eyes. For some, however, the gift of sight is something that permanently evades them. On a daily basis, we may get frustrated by many things we can see – such as bad traffic, inconsiderate behaviour or something as trivial as a stain on our crisp white shirts.
But imagine waking up not being able to see what the time is on the clock, the headlines on the daily newspaper, the food being served on our plate, the colour of our own clothes, or the way to the bathroom and out of the door.

By the year 2030, the number of blind and visually impaired people worldwide is predicted to double. This should not come as a surprise given that visual disability is one of the top 10 disabilities affecting adults 18 years and older. It is also the single most prevalent disabling condition among children.
It is an affliction that not only presents a major inconvenience to the sufferer, the costs of dealing with this disability is also enormous. Preparing now to prevent this increase is not only pertinent, it should be a priority.

The VisionSave campaign represents the commitment both SNEC and SERI have made to save the sight and improve the lives of patients suffering from eye diseases. The donations garnered will translate into innovation and medicine that will ensure the most optimal outcome for every patient.

Specifically, all donations collected via the VisionSave campaign will be channelled to either of the following conduits, to be selected by the donor at his/ her prerogative:

SingHealth Fund - SNEC Fund

  • to support Financial assistance for  complex, cutting-edge & novel
  • therapies/surgeries for sight –threatening eye diseases
  • to support Public Education/ Community Outreach/ Humanitarian work
  • to support Infrastructure/ Capacity Building
  • to support Future-Focused Education

 SNEC Research Health Endowment Fund (SNEC  HREF)

  • to support Research & Innovation

Both SingHealth Fund - SNEC Fund and SNEC HREF have IPC status and the relevant donee will issue tax-deductible receipts to the donor.

Every donation, regardless of size, is appreciated and counts towards our fight against blindness.
Please join us in making this vision a reality. Invest in the future of your vision health today. 


There are several methods for making a donation and are here listed in order of ease and convenience:

  1. Please visit for online donations.
  2. Pick up a pledge card and send in your details with a crossed cheque to the Finance Department, Singapore National Eye Centre, 11 Third Hospital Avenue, #07-00 SNEC Building, Singapore 168751 drawn up either for our "SingHealth Fund - SNEC Fund" or "SNEC Health Research Endowment Fund".

We would also be pleased to discuss with you the possibility of endowment gifts to provide long-term benefits to a specific SNEC cause and/or project.
All donations will be handled with complete confidentiality and, on the day it is received, we will send you a "Thank You" letter and a tax-deductible receipt, where applicable.  For those who wish, your donation could be treated as "Anonymous" in any and all SNEC publications.

For further information, please contact SNEC’s EYE Philanthropy Office, Ms Tan Sok Huang, at or at (65) 6322 8893.

What ARE the SingHealth Fund - SNEC Fund, and the SNEC Research Health Endowment Fund (SNEC HREF)?

Singapore National Eye Centre (SNEC) manages two Endowment Funds that you may wish to direct your charitable support towards. The funds receive contributions (whether financial or gifts/services in kind) for the pursuit of medical research/development and the promotion, development and provision of health-related services in Singapore:



UEN 201624016E (IPC Period: 27 March 2018 To 26 March 2020)



To improve the visual health of the Nation with effective means of prevention, treatment and rehabilitation through financial and relevant support.


The mission of SingHealth Fund - SNEC Fund is in blindness prevention and sight-preservation activities by providing public education, financial and relevant assistance.

Areas Supported

  • Providing care and support to patients determined to be in need of financial assistance
  • Organisation of public education events, seminars, exhibitions
  • Any other projects as approved by the Board of Trustees


UEN T02CC1574K(IPC Period: 1 April 2017 to 31 March 2019)



To improve the visual health of the Nation and contribute to the pursuit of new scientific discoveries by supporting research in ophthalmology and the visual sciences through the conduct of clinical epidemiological and translational programs.


The HREF mission is to support clinical, epidemiological and translational research leading to sight-preservation treatments, the reduction of visual impairment and blindness and in so doing improve the quality of life.

HREF-supported research will further contribute to the advancement of scientific knowledge in the field of ophthalmology and vision research.

Areas Supported

  • Provision and improvement of equipment, facilities, consumables, manpower and other operating expenditure for research and development in the field of ophthalmology; corneal transplant programmes; and any other programmes and activities relating to the treatment of eye and eye-related diseases
  • Organisation and/or participation in medical, nursing, paramedical and related education and training programmes
  • Publication of research findings in educational journals, reports, magazines, books, etc.
  • Organisation of conferences and seminars, exhibitions

For further information, please contact SNEC’s Finance Department, Mr Moses Wong, at or at (65) 6322 8387.


FY 2016 PDF (Health Endowment Fund and Health Research Endowment Fund)
FY 2015 PDF (Health Endowment Fund and Health Research Endowment Fund)
FY 2014 PDF (Health Endowment Fund and Health Research Endowment Fund)

- FY 2013 PDF (Health Endowment Fund and Health Research Endowment Fund)
- FY 2012 PDF (Health Endowment Fund and Health Research Endowment Fund)
FY 2011 PDF (Health Endowment Fund and Health Research Endowment Fund)
FY 2010 PDF (Health Endowment Fund and Health Research Endowment Fund)

* Tax-deductible receipts may only be issued for direct or pledged cash donations.


Regulation 4(1)(d) of the Income Tax (Central Fund Administrators) Act requires that an Institution of Public Character (IPC) be administered by an independent Board of Trustees. Our independent Board of Trustees consists of the following members:

SingHealth Fund – SNEC Fund
Prof Ivy Ng, Chairman

Prof Wong Tien Yin
Mr John Ting
Mr Reto Albert Isenring
Mr Koh Tien Gui
Ms Annie Mak

Ms Ivy Ng, Chairman

Prof Wong Tien Yin
Mr John Ting
Mr Reto Albert Isenring
Mr Koh Tien Gui
Prof Fong Kok Yong
Mr Wong Loong Kin

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