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The SNEC Alumni is the official world alumni association for all overseas and local fellows that have been trained at Singapore National Eye Centre (SNEC) for more than two decades now. 

SNEC has trained eye specialists from more than 15 countries worldwide and has provided the opportunity for our fellows to learn, train, conduct research and share experience of all things related to the eye.

The SNEC Alumni has two main goals:

• To establish and maintain contact between fellows around the world and SNEC doctors
• To facilitate the sharing and exchange of knowledge, skills and experience in ophthalmology and the
   different practices worldwide.

The Alumni is being established with the active encouragement and support of some former fellows who recognise the value of keeping in touch with SNEC and with each other, and to continue to be part of the SNEC family.

This alumni association allows us to contact each other world-wide.  To know where you are and what you do, to know that if a patient of mine calls up from somewhere in the world with an eye problem, we are able to reach each other for help.  It does not matter which corner in the world we live in, we all have one thing in common, we were trained in the same place and for some time it was our home, Singapore National Eye Centre, Singapore.

Dr. Cesar Gomezperalta (Mexico) Founding and current Chairman SNEC Alumni






Start Date

End Date

Argentina  Dr  Federico Luengo  Cornea 1-Jan-10  31-Dec-11
Bangladesh  Dr  Zafar Khaled  Vitreo-Retina  6-May-96  28-Mar-97
Bangladesh  Dr  Nasima Ahmed  Vitreo-Retina  1-Jan-03  22-Nov-03
China  Dr  Zhao Shao Zhen  Anterior Segment  7-Jun-94  14-Nov-95
China  Dr  Tan Yi  Vitreo-Retina  2-Jan-96  25-Apr-97
China  Dr  Wu Hui Min  Vitreo-Retina  28-Jan-96  27-Dec-96
China  Dr  Li Jian Ping  Cataract & Comprehensive  24-Mar-97  23-Sep-97
China  Dr  Zhang Ming Zhi  Glaucoma  10-Sep-98  25-Aug-99
China  Prof  Li Xiao Rong  Vitreo-Retina  11-Sep-98  10-Sep-99
China  Dr  Feng Qi Gao  General Ophthalmology  8-Sep-00  8-Dec-00
China  Dr  Li Jun Hong  Paediatric Ophthalmology  15-Nov-00  13-Aug-01
China  Dr  Yang Jin  Glaucoma  30-Nov-00  30-Nov-01
China  Dr  Wei Rui Hua  Cornea & Refractive Surgery  4-Apr-01  Oct-04
China  Dr  Zhang Li Jun  Paediatric Ophthalmology  11-May-01  11-Feb-02
China  Dr  Yang Hui  Paediatric Ophthalmology  2-Nov-01  1-May-02
China  Dr  Chen Xue Yi  Paediatric Ophthalmology  Feb-03  Aug-03
China  Dr  Cai Yu  Glaucoma/ General Ophthalmology/
17-Feb-03  30-Jun-04
China  Dr  Bu Shao Chong  Cataract & Comprehensive  Nov-03  May-04
China  Dr  He Jian Zhong  Vitreo-Retina  Jan-04  Dec-04
China  Dr  Hu Bo Jie  Cataract & Comprehensive  8-Mar-04  7-Mar-05
China  Dr  Xia WenQing  Glaucoma  26-Mar-04  25-Sep-04
China  Dr  Wang Jing  Glaucoma  Jul-04  Jul-05
China  Dr  Liu Shao Hui Andrea  Cornea & Refractive Surgery  Oct-04  Oct-05
China  Dr  Liu Huan Ming  Cataract & Comprehensive  14-Dec-04  13-Dec-05
China  Dr  Zhang Shu Mei  Paediatric Ophthalmology  Jan-06  Jan-07
Egypt  Dr  Mohamed Moustafa Abdel
Rahman Hantira 
Cornea & Refractive Surgery  1-May-07  31-Oct-07
Greece Dr Tryfinopoulou Ioanna Glaucoma 16-Feb-11 15-Feb-12
India  Dr  Meenakshi Sivakumar
General Ophthalmology  16-May-95  3-Nov-95
India        Dr   Roy Lipika    Paediatric Ophthalmology 25 Apr 05 24 Oct 05
India  Dr  Thacker Neepa  Paediatric Ophthalmology  27-Mar-00  26-Sep-00
India     Dr   Anand Parthasarathy Cornea & Refractive Surgery  Nov-04 Jan-07
India  Dr  Kamble Pramod Changdeo  Cornea & Refractive Surgery  Sep-05  Jun-07
India  Dr  Lavanya Raghavan  Cataract & Comprehensive  17-Dec-07  16-Dec-08
India  Dr  Vanathi Murgesan  Cornea & Refractive  28-Oct-08  27-Jan-09
India  Dr  Vivekaraj Jairaj  Ocular Inflammation  30-Sep-09  29-Sep-10
India     Dr     Alok Agrawal     Ocular Inflammation & Immunology 29-Nov-10 31-May-11
Indonesia  Dr  Vira Wardhana Istiantoro  Glaucoma  6-Jan-06  5-Jan-07
Indonesia  Dr  Made Susiyanti  Cornea & Refractive Surgery  27-Feb-06  26-Feb-07
Indonesia   Dr   Siti Yunia Irawati Oculoplastic 1-Mar-08 28-Feb-09
Iran  Dr  Alireza Hedayatfar  Ocular Inflammation  15-Jul-09  14-Jul-10
Italy  Dr  Michele Sala  Cornea & Refractive Surgery  1-Jul-04  30-Sep-04
Japan  Dr  Yasuhiro Takahashi  Oculoplastic  7-Jul-08  7-Oct-08
Japan  Dr  Kazuaki Nakauchi  Oculoplastic  4-May-09  3-Nov-09
Japan Dr Takashi Negishi     Oculoplastic 1 Jul-11 23-Sep-12
Jordan  Dr  Muath Ahmad M Arabiyat  Vitreo-Retina  23-Jul-07  22-Sep-08
Jordan  Dr  Rania A.I Shibayeh  Cornea & Refractive Surgery  8-Oct-07  7-Oct-08
Kuwait  Dr  Badria Dinar KH Mubarak  Paediatric Ophthalmology  Jul-07  Jul-08
Malaysia  Dr  Sivagnanam s/o Chidambaram  Glaucoma  2-Feb-94  2-Mar-94
Malaysia  Dr  Ho Sed Ney  Glaucoma  10-Jul-01  3-Oct-01
Malaysia  Dr  Ooi Say Gee  Oculoplastic & Aesthetic
Eyeplastic Service 
15-Jan-03  14-Jul-03
Malaysia  Dr  Ulagantheran Viswanathan  Vitreo-Retina  Dec-04  Dec-05
Malaysia  Dr  K. Sivamalar  Ocular Inflammation &
Immunology Service 
2-Mar-06  1-Mar-07
Malaysia  Dr  Norlina Binti Mohd Ramli  Glaucoma  8-Sep-08  7-Sep-09
Malaysia  Dr  Norlaila Bt Talib  Oculoplastic & Aesthetic
Eyeplastic Service 
Malaysia Dr Sunder Ramasamy Paediatric Ophthalmology & Strabismus 6-Apr-11 5-Apr-12
Malaysia Dr Tan Siow Wei Oculoplastic 5-Sep-11 4-Sep-12
Mexico  Dr  Cesear Gomezperalta  Cornea & Refractive Surgery  16-Aug-00  15-Aug-01
Mexico  Dr  Ingrid Franco  Paediatric Ophthalmology  15-Jul-09  14-Jul-10
Mexico Dr Karim Mohamed Noriega Corneal & External Eye Disease 28-Oct-11 27-Oct-12
Myanmar  Dr  Ko Ko Tin  Anterior Segment  3-Jan-94  25-Mar-94
Myanmar  Dr  U Ye Lwin  Anterior Segment  3-Jan-94  25-Mar-94
Myanmar  Dr  Thet Naing  General Ophthalmology  2-May-95  1-Apr-96
Myanmar  Dr  San Myint  General Ophthalmology  May-96  May-97
Myanmar  Dr  Yee Yee Aung  General Ophthalmology  13-Dec-99  12-Jun-01
New Zealand  Dr  Sims Joanna Lesley  Ocular Inflammation &
Immunology Service 
21-Feb-07  20-Feb-08
New Zealand  Dr  Reece Hall  Cornea & Refractive  28-Jan-09  27-Jan-10
New Zealand  Dr  Judy Ku Yu-Fen  Glaucoma  1-Feb-10  31-Jan-11
Nigeria  Dr  Mahmoud Babanini Al Hassan  Vitreo-Retina  1-Aug-02  10-Feb-03
Nigeria  Dr  Okoye, Onochie Ikechukwu  Neuro-Ophthamology  1-Jan-10  31-Dec-11
Pakistan  Dr  Junaid Afzal  Vitreo-Retina  1-Apr-10  31-Mar-11
Philippines  Dr  Jose Luis de Grano  Paediatric Ophthalmology  19-Aug-99  10-Aug-00
Philippines Dr  Maria Margarita Lat Luna  Glaucoma  1-Apr-00  4-Aug-00
Philippines  Dr  Howard Yu Cajucom-Uy  Cornea & Refractive Surgery  19-Jan-01  18-Jan-02
Philippines  Dr  Lim SY Joycelyn  Vitreo-Retina  31-Jan-01  30-Apr-02
Philippines  Dr  Jessica Marie R. Abano  Cornea & Refractive Surgery  1-Feb-02  30-Sep-03
Philippines  Dr  Charmaine Yu Ang  Oculoplastic & Aesthetic
Eyeplastic Service 
10-Apr-02  30-Apr-03
Philippines  Dr  Arlie R. Jaurigue  Paediatric Ophthalmology  Jan-03  Dec-03
Philippines  Dr  Anna Lisa Yu  Cornea & Refractive Surgery  6-Jan-03  5-Jan-04
Philippines  Dr  Mark Anthony Tianco Imperial  Oculoplastic & Aesthetic
Eyeplastic Service 
Jan-04  Jan-05
Philippines     Dr Kristine Bascal Ocular Inflammation & Immunology Jan-04 Dec-06
Philippines  Dr  Javellana Juan Antonio Grau  Vitreo-Retina  12-May-05  11-May-06
Philippines  Dr  Concepcion Maria Elizabeth
Oculoplastic & Aesthetic
Eyeplastic Service 
Apr-06  Apr-07
Philippines  Dr  Jesus Jacinto M. Bautista  Vitreo-Retina  14-Aug-06  13-Aug-07
Philippines  Dr  Santos Christine Therese Amurao  Oculoplastic & Aesthetic
Eyeplastic Service 
19-Mar-07  18-Mar-08
Philippines  Dr  Leandro Jose G Domalanta  Cataract & Comprehensive  11-Jun-07  10-Jun-08
Philippines  Dr  Ma. Lorena Ruth G. Capinpin  Vitreo-Retina  12-Aug-08  11-Aug-09
Sri Lanka  Dr  Samanthila Waduthantri  Cataract & Comprehensive
21-Aug-06  20-Aug-07
Sri Lanka  Dr  Samanthila Waduthantri  Ocular Inflammation &
Immunology Service 
3-Sep-07  2-Sep-08
Thailand  Dr  Apiwat Pothikumjohn  Cornea & Refractive Surgery  26-Aug-03  25-Aug-04
Thailand  Dr  Wantanee Saranyakoob  Ocular Inflammation  1-Jul-10  30-Apr-11
Uganda  Dr  Grace Gray Mugume  Ophthalmic Microsurgery &
Observed Glaucoma 
26-Jan-94  25-Feb-94
UK  Dr  Jan Van der Hoek Cornea & Refractive Surgery  3-Jan-02  2-Jul-02
UK  Dr  Peter David Cackett  Vitreo-Retina  3-Sep-07  2-Sep-08
UK Dr Romesh Angunawela Corneal & External Eye Disease 16-Feb-11 15-Feb-12
USA  Dr  Marc Lawrence Weitzman  Vitreo-Retina  17-Aug-92  15-Feb-93
Vietnam  Dr  Thruong Thi Thu Hong  Vitreo-Retina  2-May-95  29-Sep-95

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