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Services at SNEC to know about

These services cater to patients with low vision and refractive errors.


Established in collaboration with SPD (previously known as Society for the Physically Disabled), the STAAR CORNER at SNEC provides trial and loan of Assistive Technology (AT) devices to patients with visual impairment.

Low vision refers to vision impairment that cannot be improved by glasses, medication or surgery. People with low vision have remaining useful vision that can be rehabilitated to help them continue leading a life of independence.

AT devices available for loan include high-definition handheld and desktop video magnifiers, talking scientific calculators, Braille touchscreen tablets with removable keyboards, head-mounted magnifying glasses, jumbo-size universal remote controls, and more.

Patients will be assessed for suitability by a low vision optometrist. Each device can be loaned for up to three weeks. The loan is free if the devices are returned in good order before the due date.

Through the trial, patients will be able to make better informed decisions on the devices appropriate for their needs.

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Catering to different eye conditions and needs, a wide range of vision correction options — also known as refractive surgical procedures — is available at SNEC’s Laser Vision Centre to correct refractive errors, such as myopia (short-sightedness), hyperopia (long-sightedness) and/or astigmatism. These include LASIK, SMILE®, LASIK XtraTM, Advanced Surface Ablation, and Implantable Collamer Lens.

Key features of SNEC’s Laser Vision Centre:

  • Quality Assurance programme backed by 100% clinical audit of outcomes
  • A faculty of more than 10 senior ophthalmologists who are accredited to perform refractive laser vision correction, and have long-term commitments to both clinical practice and research
  • Good LASIK outcomes that are published in international peer-reviewed journals
  • Treatments customised to the needs of each patient
  • A regional training centre, where SNEC surgeons conduct LASIK courses for ophthalmologists from Singapore and other Asian countries, such as Malaysia, Thailand, China, India, Japan and Korea

The centre is constantly looking to expand the range of refractive errors that can be treated, improve the predictability and accuracy of the outcomes, and enhance safety of surgery.

Along with advancing technology, the number of vision correction options has increased. Choosing the right procedure takes careful consideration, understanding and planning. Consult your ophthalmologist for an evaluation to determine whether you are suitable for a refractive surgery.

Location: Clinic 5C
Laser Vision Centre,
SNEC Level 5 (via Lobby C)

Laser Vision Centre Hotline:
6322 8891
Email: laservisioncentre@

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Besides the Laser Vision Centre, Clinic 5C also houses
other subspecialty services:
  • Cataract & Comprehensive Ophthalmology
  • Corneal & External
  • Eye Disease
  • Glaucoma
  • Medical Retina
  • Ocular Inflammation & Immunology