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Amanda the Panda is back!

The second edition of the Amanda the Panda children’s book series was launched in conjunction with the Myopia Centre’s first anniversary.

Measures taken to reduce the spread of COVID-19 have led to reduced outdoor time and increased near work, which are, unfortunately, factors associated with myopia progression in children. This is a cause for concern, especially for Singapore, where we face a high prevalence of childhood myopia.

To raise awareness of myopia prevention and offer tips on eye care, Assoc Prof Marcus Ang and Prof Saw Seang Mei from SNEC have joined hands to work on the second edition of the Amanda the Panda children’s book series, which follows the adventures of a young panda who learns about healthy eye habits along her journey.

In this new book titled Amanda the Panda: Goes to the City, she encounters a new environment that she must adapt to in order to protect her eyes. The book also highlights the vital role parents play in nurturing good eye habits in their children — for example, encouraging fun outdoor activities.

As Amanda the Panda learns to balance schoolwork and play, readers will also gain an understanding of how even simple habits, such as taking regular breaks from studying and near work, can help prevent myopia.

To purchase the book, scan the QR code below:


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