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Prof Aung Tin
Prof Aung Tin
Singapore National Eye Centre
Glaucoma Service
Head and Senior Consultant, Glaucoma Service (Research, Education & Development)
MMed(Ophth), FRCS(Ed), FRCOphth(UK), FAMS, PhD(Lond)

After receiving his MBBS and Master of Medicine in Ophthalmology from the National University of Singapore, Prof Aung obtained the Fellowships of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh and the Royal College of Ophthalmologists in 1997. He completed a glaucoma fellowship in the Singapore National Eye Centre in 1999-2000, and from 2000-2003, he was trained at Moorfields Eye Hospital in London and the Institute of Ophthalmology, University College London. In 2003, Prof Aung was awarded a PhD in Molecular Genetics from University College London, UK.
Prof Aung is currently the Executive Director of Singapore Eye Research Institute. As a clinician-scientist, he also leads the Glaucoma Research Group at Singapore National Eye Centre (SNEC) / Singapore Eye Research Institute (SERI). His main research interests are angle closure glaucoma and the molecular genetics of eye diseases. Prof Aung is very active in clinical glaucoma research and has conducted many studies on therapeutics, imaging, screening, clinical course and surgical outcomes of glaucoma.
With more than 350 publications, he has been an invited lecturer to more than 100 international conferences and has received numerous awards including the Singapore NMRC-BMRC Clinician Scientist Awards, the President’s Science and Technology Award, Singhealth GCEO Excellence Award, the De Campo and Nakajima Award from the Asia Pacific Academy of Ophthalmology, and the Alcon Research Institute Award. Prof Aung has been awarded more than US$15 million in competitive research grant funding and is a member of the Editorial Boards of Ophthalmology, Journal of Glaucoma, Eye, Graefe’s Archive for Clinical and Experimental Ophthalmology and 6 other journals.
Prof Aung is currently a Member of the Board of Governors of the World Glaucoma Association and a Board member of Asia Pacific Glaucoma Society and Asian Angle Closure Glaucoma Club. In Singapore, he is President of the College of Ophthalmologists of Singapore and immediate past President of the Singapore Society of Ophthalmology. He is also the Academic Vice Chair (Research) of the Academic Clinical Program for Ophthalmology in SingHealth / Duke-NUS Graduate School of Medicine.

Publications and Research Trials

1. Lavanya R, Baskaran M, Kumar RS, Wong HT, Chew PTK, Foster PJ, Friedman DS, Aung T. Risk of Acute Angle Closure and Changes in Intraocular Pressure after Pupillary Dilation in Subjects with Narrow Angles. Ophthalmology 2012; 119: 474-80.

2. Foo LL, Nongpiur ME, Allen JC, Perera SA, Friedman DS, He MG, Cheng CY, Wong TY, Aung T. Determinants of Angle Width in Chinese Singaporeans. Ophthalmology 2012; 119: 278-82.

3. Khor CC, Ramdas WD, Vithana EN, Cornes BK, Sim X, Tay WT, Saw SM, Zheng YF, Lavanya R, Wu RY, Wang JJ, Mitchell P, Uitterlinden AG, Rivadeneira F, Teo YY, Chia KS, Seielstad M, Hibberd ML, Vingerling JR, Klaver CC, Jansonius NM, Tai ES, Wong TY, van Duijn CM, Aung T. Genome-wide Association Studies in Asians Confirm the involvement of ATOH7 and TGFBR3 and Further Identify CARD10 as a Novel Locus Influencing Optic Disc Area. Hum Mol Genet 2011; 20: 1864-72.

4. Amerasinghe N, Zhang J, Thalamuthu A, He MG, Vithana EN, Viswanathan A, Wong TY, Foster PJ, Aung T. The Heritability and Sibling Risk of Angle Closure in Asians. Ophthalmology 2011; 118: 480-5. 

5. Vithana EV, Morgan P, Sundaresan P, Ebenezer N, Tan DT, Anand S, Khine KO, Venkataraman D, Yong V, Salto-Tellez M, Venkataraman A, Guo K, Heemadevi B, Mohamad M, Srinivasan M, Prajna V, Khine M, Casey JR, Inglehearn C, Aung T. Mutations in Na-borate co-transporter SLC4A11 cause recessive Congenital Hereditary Endothelial Dystrophy, CHED2. Nature Genetics, 2006; 38: 755-7.

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